gig rates

Please contact the artist for her rates. The following are a short list of what is available for booking:

competition recordings, competition performances, festival recordings, prescreening recordings, audition accompaniment, recitals, weddings, private performances, and jury/masterclass performances.


  1. The pianist must be contacted about collaborative services at least three weeks before any sort of performance or recording, including music, performance tempi, and potential dates for rehearsals. Recitals require a longer time frame of at least the beginning of the semester that the recital will be performed. Lessons and studio classes can be notified two weeks in advance.

  2. Difficult pieces may require a longer time frame to learn, and may incur additional fees or more time in advance to be notified. Pieces will be evaluated on a case by case basis. The pianist is responsible for letting students know of any extra fees in a timely fashion.

  3. “Last minute” requests of two weeks or less will be denied, no matter the difficulty of the piece(s).

  4. Students must provide either hard photocopies, their own scores, or scanned pdf copies of their preferred edition via email. If music is not provided by the first rehearsal, the pianist has the right to refuse service. Be sure to specify movements or sections if applicable.

  5. Rates are subject to change at the pianist’s discretion, but are non-negotiable.

  6. Students must let the pianist know if a rehearsal or lesson is canceled at least 24 hours in advance. If students do not notify the pianist before then, students are expected to pay the fee listed.

  7. Pianist will provide an invoice for all fees. Unless agreed otherwise (i.e. payment plan), full payment is expected upon the first rehearsal or performance. Failure to provide payment will result in immediate cancellation.

  8. The following payment options are acceptable: PayPal, Venmo, cash, and check. Receipt will be provided if requested. 

  9. If the pianist cancels for any reason, a makeup rehearsal or lesson will be scheduled immediately. Payment is not due until the makeup is scheduled and completed.